Friday, December 20, 2013


Here is a nice Irish lass venting her spleen.Should you be doing any less?

You know what is missing in FreeFor? The support of the women. Sure, some of us have great support of our wives and girlfriends. But I am talking of the time when women, understanding finally the peril to their children tell the men folk to get their ass out there and do something about it.

Women when confronted with a problem, women don't want semantics. They want results. While you can point out the turmoil that some of those results have wrought in the political arena, be advised that the way of doing business is fast coming to an end. Like it or not, no society successfully goes to war without the help and consent of the women.

While I do not support women in line infantry units, women will be serving in the ranks of FreeFor. At very least even the homemaker should be armed, armored, and trained to protect herself, the children, home and hearth. While I doubt you find the missus packing the 240 bravo, It makes sense to cultivate the female who is able to hack it in the field.

More importantly, cultivate and teach those who will keep the home fires burning. We will not be able to take the fight to OPFOR with out them.

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